Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Penguin Cake

Julia's first birthday was in December. Since we had a number of family members attending the party, I made penguin cupcakes to go along with the penguin cake so we'd have enough to go around. For the round portions of the big cake, I baked in my glass mixing bowls (I have one large and one small). I then cut the arms and feet and beak out of a standard 9x13" cake pan....Andrea


Aunt Karen (Tyler & Katie too) said...


Your Penguin cake and cupcakes are so adorable. I can only imagine the time it takes to create these. Excellent job!

Timmy's Aunt Karen

B&D Morris said...

I'm planning my daughter's first birthday party and am doing a penguin theme. I love the cake you made! How many people did it feed?