Friday, March 14, 2008

Shamu, the Killer (Orca) Whale

This was made for my son, Jay's sixth birthday party. We recently went to Sea World, and the kids loved it....Andrea


jennifer said...

how did you make that shamu cake? My little one is turning 4 and LOVES SHAMU! This cake fascinates me but I have no idea how to even begin to attempt to make it..any tips offered?

jennifer said...

I love this cake and so does my almost 4 year old daughter. She's in love with Shamu and wants to be a Shamu trainer when she grows up. I'm fascinated by this cake but have no idea how to even start attempting to make it. Any tips?

Stange Family said...

I used loaf pans to bake it. Then I carved out the shape. The tale was put on top (creating an L laying on its side). It works best if the cake is very cold when you try to carve.
Then apply a crumb coat which is just frosting applied to the cake, not worrying about the crumbs that mix in with the frosting. Chill the cake again before using a star tip on a pastry bag to apply the black and the white. To make the black, I added black food gel to chocolate frosting so that I wouldn't have to add quite so much coloring. Hope this helps.