Monday, July 21, 2008

The Globe

I made this for our daughter, Hannah's 8th birthday. She loves geography, so I made her a globe. I included the last picture so you could see how I constructed it....Andrea

the Americas


Europe, Africa, and part of Asia

the solution to the mystery of the core of the earth :)

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Hansel and T-dog said...

Hey. Great cake. You know my fondness for maps and geography too. My bday is next month. I want you to come to texas and hand deliver me a cake please. Thank you. Great job!

Steph said...

that is awesome... I love that you did the full globe.

jenny said...

impressive cake and decoration! thanks for your comments on my owl cupcakes. the design for it was my own - I searched around for different examples on flickr for inspiration, but didn't see one that looked easy and cute. so I put together those with the odds and ends I found in the candy aisle.

Laura said...

Um, yeah. This is incredible.

Laura said...

um, yeah. This is awesome.