Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday!

I made this for Hannah's actual birthday when family came over for cake and ice cream. Rather than tinting the frosting, I bought strawberry frosting (yummy). Perhaps compared to others, this cake is less impressive, but it shows that you can make something out of the ordinary without being over the top....Andrea


Flutterbug said...

I found your blog by looking for a barbie cake for my niece, I didnt end up doing it but I am keeping in my head for later. I am curious if you have ever done a tinkerbell cake. MY daughters bday is in Nov ( i tend to be obnoxious about planning things ahead of time) anyways... my thought process is aa bowl cake (the bowl being a flower or toad stool) and then just buying a figurine of tink for the top. I might have to practice with this. Anyways, really enjoyed looking at your archive of cake pics.

Two Sisters' Cakes said...

Sorry to take so long to respond. I didn't realize initially that we had to approve comments here.

Neither of us has done a tinkerbell cake. You may want to check this site too. I use them a lot for ideas: